A Beginner's Guide To LineStar
Welcome to the LineStar and FantasySportsCo. tutorial page! Don't let the new terms and charts intimidate you. If you love sports and are committed to win, you can learn how to use our Award Winning products in no time! On this page you can learn the basics of LineStar and how you can use your knowledge of your favorite sports along with our advanced tools to craft amazing lineups.
If at any time you have questions, please email us at Info@FantasySportsCo.com or on Twitter @LineStarApp
Filters & Sorting
The header for the player salary table contains a series of filters which can be used to limit the players shown in the table. To sort data, you can click each column header.
The player salary table provides powerful filters, that allow you to filter which players will be shown in the list.
All filters are cumulative; meaning if you have both a salary filter and a name filter enabled, only players which match both filters will be displayed.
  • Numerical Filter: Use > or < symbols to filter numeric values. (IE. <5000 to filter players less than $5000 salary)
  • Text Filter: Enter part of a players name to filter
  • Combobox Filter: Choose from a pre-defined set of options (Slate, Team, etc.)
Clearing Filters
To reset all filters in one action, you can click the 'Click Here' link.
If you wish to clear a single filter, simply erase the content in the filter column.
Modifying Projections
There are two ways to modify player selection for Lineup Generation. These adjusments are only valid for the current period. (IE. If you make a modification for NBA on March 18th, those modifications are ONLY for that single day, and do not carry over to future periods.)
Adjusting Projections
Clicking the + sign, will increase a players projection by 1 point per click.
Clicking the - sign, will decrease a players projection by 1 point per click.
These adjustments are used during LineStar Lineup Generation.
Loving and Hating
Clicking the heart icon next to a players name, will cycle the player between: Loved, Hated, or neither.
  • Loving a player will attempt to force that player into all Lineups generated.
  • Hating a player will prevent that player from being used for generated lineups.
Reading Charts
Advanced Chart Mode
Click the chart toggle button to switch between the 3 different chart modes.
The advanced chart displays a lot of information, as clearly as possible. You can click and drag on the chart to scroll further back in the history.
Current Period: The current period is always the furthest right rectangle in the chart.
Salary: The Salary is visible at the top of the chart.
Matchup: Shows whether the game was home/away, and the matchup opponent rating. You may also click on an opponent, which will then show all recent matchups against this opponent.
  • Green: Very Good Matchup
  • Yellow: Medium Matchup
  • Red: Bad matchup
Icons: The icons indicate player status, and information about the game.
  • Game went to overtime
  • Player Started
  • Player was in the perfect lineup for this period
Numbers: The middle section of each period contains the points scored, points projected, ceiling, and floor for the player for this period.
  • Blue Circle: Fantasy points scored for this period
  • Green Circle: Fantasy points projected for this period.
  • White rectangle: Floor/Ceiling
Legacy Chart Mode
  • Blue Line: Fantasy points scored
  • Green Line: Fantasy points projected
Charts Disabled Mode
If you don't want to view charts, simply press the button to disabled mode, to hide the charts.
Generating a Lineup
Click the 'Generate New Lineup' button, to get started. After clicking the button, a dialog will be shown, which will give you options when generating lineups.
  • Slate: Choose which slate you're generating your lineup for.
  • Teams: You can click each team to remove that team from being used when generating lineups.
  • Lineup Type: Choose the type of lineup to be generated. The options are explained on the dialog when selected.
  • Starters Only: Click this option to only use starters when generating lineups.
  • Minimum Salary: Set the minumum salary to be used for each player.
Once you are satisfied with the selections, press the 'Generate Lineup' button and your lineup will start to be generated, after a few seconds it will be shown.

If you don't like an option within the lineup, you can click the heart icon next to the player to hate them, and then generate another lineup.
Deleting and Exporting Lineups
For DraftKings and FanDuel you are able to export a lineup to a file, which you can then import directly to FanDuel Wesbite or DraftKings website.
  • Export Lineup: Click the export icon to download the .csv file, which can then be used to upload to DK or FD.
  • Delete Lineup: Click the 'X' button on a lineup, to delete that lineup, it will no longer be visible. You will also no longer recieve notifications if a projection changes for the players within the lineup.
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